UniLeben Oct. 1 – Oct. 2: An Event for Students New and Old!

On October 1 and 2 Vienna University offers a two day long welcome event! This might be especially interesting for all y’all new students. There will be guided tours to the main building and the library, as well as workshops for miscellaneous topics concerning student life.

Tours to the main building will be offered three times a day from Sep. 29 – Oct. 2, tours to the main library three times per day from Oct.1 – Oct. 2. A special tour dealing with Victorian academic discourse surrounding homosexuality at Vienna University will take place from Sep. 30 – Oct 2! Check this page for all tour dates and starting times!

Additionally to taking tours, you might be interested in partaking in a workshop! This year’s workshops include:

  • The University Library
  • U:SPACE – Info workshop: Get to know the new registration system!
  • U:account – What is u:account and how to use it
  • Study Smart – Tools for improved study skills

As well as workshops on:

  • Spanish
  • Germans as a Foreign Language
  • Arabic
  • Employment Law, Law of Tenancy, Insurance and Finances
  • Studying Internationally
  • Career Advice
  • Academic Writing
  • Time Management
  • and many more!

Note that you have to register for workshops and tours! If you find you can’t make it, please make sure to de-register again! Registration opens September 16!

To see all workshops, tours and info visit the official event page!


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