Your Student Representatives Wish You A Pleasant Semester Break! (VELT info inside)

It’s been a hard winter semester for all of us, so enjoy your semester break, guys! We’re sure you’ve earned it! But before you rush off, here’s some info for you to keep at the back of your head while you’re skiing or just hanging out with the family:

The summer term starts March 1, so we hope to see you then!

The general admission period for the summer term 2016 is from 7 January – 5 February 2016. Please note the different deadlines for EU and non-EU students.

The new course directory should be up by mid February.

For those who missed an exam or two this semester, you can find the dates of the next sittings in the exam calender.

Keep in mind that the next VELT test will take place on Feb 24, 2016, at Audimax lecture hall. Registration will start approximately three weeks before the date. You have to be registered in order to take the test! Find more information here. The VELT test is a language test that all BA students have to take (even native speakers!) in order to register for the course Integrated Language and Study Skills 1 after you’ve passed the StEOP exams. You can repeat the test as often as necessary, however, it is held only once a semester. For study resources, try the VELT Support Group on Facebook.

Please note that we can offer no office hours during the semester break, i.e. we will not be personally available. However, you can reach us via e-mail or Facebook any time and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

In case of pressing matters concerning your studies, recognition of exams, problems with registration for classes, and the like, please contact the Studien-Service-Stelle.

That’s all, folks! Have a good one!


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