Welcome back! Here’s what you need to know for your summer term!

Dear colleagues and those who will be,

welcome to a new semester at the English department! While we’re finally heading towards the warmer months, we still have lots of course work to do, so to make life easier for you we put all relevant info into one place!

First of all, please keep in mind that as of January 2016 you now can take StEOP exams four times all in all (three resits). However, if you fail at your fourth try you will be barred from studying at the English Department permanently! See here and here for reference.

Please note this semester’s deadlines!
  • First Admission Online (applies only to students beginning their studies next summer semester): English, German
  • Admission Deadlines: English, German
  • Course registration: Phase 1:
    • registration for lectures: as of  until one week before the lecture exam
    • Final allocation for courses will take place
    • De-registration is possible until
    • If you are interested in swapping courses with a colleague, or if you hope to find a leftover slot, please check the dates here.
  • Holidays and Semester Break: English, German
  • Check the English Department’s Facebook page for the latest updates!
And this Semester’s Opening hours!

Studienservicestelle Anglistik: Open: MO, Wed and FR 10 a.m. – 11 a.m., and MO and THU 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 pm., Tel.: +43 1 4277 45113, E-Mail: sss.anglistik@univie.ac.at

English and American Studies Library: open MO – FR 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Hauptbibliothek/Main University Library: open MO – FR 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The department libraries and the main library are offering tours and workshops again this semester! You can find the dates here. We recommend attendance of the introductory workshops especially for new and/or exchange students. If you are preparing a seminar paper or thesis, we also recommend the workshop on plagiarism and copyright which will be held in May. We would like to especially encourage exchange students to take this course, as rules on plagiarism vary within universities and departments.

Additionally, the department library offers guided tours throughout March and early April. No registration necessary.

for first semester Students

Freshers, please see our guide here: The First Semester Survival Guide. This contains essential information about the Wheres and Hows of the English department. You may also be interested in our FAQs section concerning studying at our department as well as the department itself. (If you already know the FAQ section, check it anyway, we’ve been updating it!)

Additionally, there is a handy guide to be found here (PDF; German only).

StEOP exams: First sitting late May, second sitting late June. Exact dates will be provided during the course of your first StEOP lectures. The third and fourth sitting will be held in the winter semester!

The University is hosting UniLeben again on March 1. This is an info event specifically targeted at new students, however a lot of presentations and talks are also useful for older students.

And if you are planning on going to this year’s BEST, you’ll find us there, in case you need any more one-on-one advice before your courses start!

For Exchange Students

You might be interested in our Survival Guide and our FAQ section as well (see above)! Additionally, please note the holidays and semester breaks (English, German) as well as public holidays in Austria (English).

This semester’s tutorials

A range of tutorials will be offered again this semester (esp. STEOP classes, as well as PPOCS and ILS), the starting times can be found in the course directory.

Our office hours: TBA

Unfortunately, we don’t have our regular office hours settled yet, seeing as we are all waiting to be sorted into this semester’s courses. We’ll let you know as soon as we can! Meanwhile, please contact us via e-mail (stv.anglistik@univie.ac.at) and join our Facebook groups and follow our page for the latest updates: STV Anglistik & Amerikanistik Univie!

STV Anglistik
Anglistik Wien

Student events for this semester

Every now and then you maybe want to take a break from studying and paper writing and socialise with your fellow students. You can do that outside the university, of course, but what if we told you you could have a side of free food and coffee, or sing at the top of your lungs? Check out our events page, we regularly organise get-togethers, and the department also has its own choir!

We wish you a great start of your semester!


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