Update for the proseminar writing workshop. Dates, times, and place!

Dear students,

for those of you attending a PS course this semester, or for those who plan to take it next semester, there will be a tutorial on how to write an academic paper. Students taking ILSS 2 are also welcome to join!

The steps of the entire process will be covered – you will not only get theoretical input, but will also be given specific exercises which will allow you to practice important skills, e.g. citing correctly, paraphrasing, using academic language, etc. Handouts with useful tips and exercises will be provided.

The first two sessions will be on Friday, May 13th, and Friday, May 20th, 2016, 10-12 a.m., in the TV Room of the Department Library. (Please keep in mind that you must get a key for a locker at the front desk of the library before going to the TV room!)

Two to three more sessions will follow, date and time t.b.a.!

The tentative schedule is as follows:

  • Session 1: Introduction, getting started (field of interest, topics of interest, thesis statement & hypothesis); types of academic literature, literature research, reading techniques, taking notes
  • Session 2: citation, style sheets for linguistics and literature/cultural studies, plagiarism (+ exercises: paraphrasing/summarizing, how to cite correctly)
  • Session 3: structuring, outlining your paper; close-up on the three parts; what does a good structure look like?
  • Session 4: academic language and conventions (+ exercises: informal/formal language; hedging; transitions; academic expressions/vocabulary)
  • Session 5: Revision, plagiarism checks, Q & A

In order for me to know how many students approximately will join the first session, and/or if you have any specific questions, please send me an e-mail: anahita.abrahamian@univie.ac.at


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