Deadlines for the Winter Term 2016/17

Yes, we still have more than a month to go until the semester starts (sing Glory, Hallelujah or an equivalent thereof), but there are some more or less rapidly approaching deadlines/dates you might want to know about:

Deadlines winter term 2016/17

Find a list of all admission related deadlines here!

August 29 – Written entrance exam for beginning Lehramt (teaching) students! Find more information about the exam and registration for it at the Student Point.

September 5End of general admission. If you are a first time student of a BA, BEd, MA or diploma program, or a student from outside of Austria, you need to be registered by this point! Register in time if you haven’t already, processing might take a while! However, there is a list of exceptions to this deadline, please read it carefully.

September 6 – November 30 Extended admission period. You can still register to study but you might not be able to register for courses with mandatory attendance.

November 30 – End of admission for absolutely everyone! If you are not registered (i.e. paid your students’ union fee and/or your tuition fee) by then you can’t take any classes in the winter semester.

September 24VELT – The next sitting of the VELT test taking place at the Audi Max at the university main building. Registration for VELT is possible via U:SPACE from 1.9.2016 – 16.9.2016!

October 31 – This is the last day to apply for remission of the tuition fee!

Course registration at the English Department:

Find all deadlines here!

Registration for StEOP classes: as of July 13, 2016

Registration for classes: 15.9.2016 – 22.9.2016

Registration for lectures: as of September 15 until one week before the lecture exam

Final allocation will take place October 1, i.e. by then you’ll have your timetable!

De-registration is possible until October 31!

If you are interested in swapping courses with a colleague, or if you hope to find a leftover slot, please check the dates for this here.


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