Suggested Study Paths – Now with our own suggestions!

Since we have been asked many times throughout this week for suggestions on how to plan and schedule your studies for the BA and BEd programmes, we drew up some schedules of our own.

While there are already plenty of suggestions on the department homepage (see here for BA and here for BEd, scroll down to “Pfad durchs Studium”), we realise that for new students the sheer amount of information might seem a bit confusing and overwhelming. So we have compiled our own suggestions for your study path, here for BA and here for BEd (open in PDF), which you can also find in our FAQ – Studying section. The aim hereby is to explain the Modulübersichten, which you can also find on the department homepage.

Please keep in mind that these are only suggestions made by advanced students and your actual study path depends on such factors as availability of course places, your work schedule if you have one, passing of exams, overlap with your second subject or EC, etc.!

Remember, one size does not fit all, and what works for your colleague may not work for you, study paths can be very individual. So newbies… print out the Modulübersicht of your degree course, print out both suggested study paths (the department’s and ours), and draw up a plan that works for you!


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