We’re trying a thing: Student Societies!

You have been looking for people who share your love with the world of Harry Potter – now you can open the entrance gates of Hogwarts.

Irish literature & culture has long been a special interest of yours? It’s time to start reading Joyce before Joyce starts reading you.

As a linguistics nerd you felt your fellow students have never understood your passion? It’s time to find colleagues who do.

In short, if you would like to meet people sharing the same interests as you and want to spend time on something you love, we the STV Anglistik & Amerikanistik would like to organize students groups/clubs/societies in which you can do exactly that (we will use the term ‘societies’ to refer to the groups we have in mind). If you are interested in this you can have a look at the lists of societies offered by student unions of other universities, such as the University of Oxford:
Leeds University:
or Bangor University:

Since we would like to organize societies you are actually interested in, we kindly ask you to fill out a questionnaire to let us know what kind of societies and activities you prefer. You can find it here.


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