ÖH Elections – The What, the Who, the Where, the Why

We’d like to introduce our candidates for this year’s election for the next team of your student representatives!

ÖH-Election 2017
We would like to inform you about an important date in 2017: From Mai 16th
to Mai 18th students can elect their representation. You can vote for
representatives on several levels: The representatives for your field of
study, for your university and your federal representation.
Details about the voting process will be announced early enough on Facebook
(http://bit.ly/2mrLKiD) and on our homepage

“Es keat oanfach viel mehr gwÖHlt” – every vote counts! – Your student
union offers service and advice and fights for your rights and demands. The
more students participate in the election the stronger our voices will be! (from the official ÖH newsletter)

Why you should vote:

Because the services the representatives offer on all levels are only possible within an autonomous environment.

How it works:

Be there at the right time at the right place (which you can find below) and cast your vote! This is

  • an election of individuals; no fractions, no subgroups, no parties
  • you can elect as many people as there are mandates (e.g. five mandates = choose five people)
  • every vote counts the same, there is no first or second choice

What we do:

• Offering advice – in person, per mail or per e-mail on all aspects of your studies at the English department
• Organizing events such as breakfasts or conferences and Participating in regular curricular and appointment committees
• Coordinating offers such as the department choir ‘EnChoir’ or student societies such as the Irish Reading Association
• Representing your interests during departmental meetings
• Keeping the staff updated on problems which may arise during the course of the semester
• Running study groups such as the ISL2 study group or the PPOCS practice sessions
• …and much more!!

Our sole aim is to make your time at the English Department a pleasant one, and we commit ourselves to do everything we can to help you with all your concerns. We are not affiliated with any party on or off campus, all we want to do is provide services for our students.
You can vote for some of our team members at the election, and it is important to do so because only then is it possible to officially constitute as a STV. The following five members will participate in the election, all of them have worked as student representatives in the past and have proven to be valuable colleagues in our team.

DanieI P., studying UF Englisch/Psychologie+Philosophie

I believe that a university is a place where we should be able to learn, share, and connect with each other on a professional level. Therefore, I am especially committed to support students who wish to break out of menial university life and want to accomplish more than just obtaining a degree by going to classes every day. This is why I like to promote easy access to international conferences, fairs, and other academic events or projects that enable students to work on their professional development and gain hands-on experience.

Cristina, studying BA English and American studies & UF Englisch/Geschichte

Hey there! My name is Cristina and I am currently studying BA English and American Studies as well as Diplom English and History in the teachers program. To me the English department has always been a place to fully engage in the world of linguistics, literature and culture. What’s more, it is a place to meet new people, read a book, or simply go to the library and relax on their couch. My goal is to help creating a place with an open and friendly atmosphere, where people like to spend time (even though technically they have to anyway. ha ha.) If you have any questions about your studies or our department, feel free to stop by or send us an e-mail!

Clemens, studying MA (English Language and Linguistics)

Hi there! My name is Clemens and I’m currently doing my Master’s in English Language and Linguistics here at the University of Vienna. To me, university is about so much more than just attending lectures and classes; it’s about the appreciation of knowledge as well as personal development. Yet when it comes to entering this new world it is normal to encounter various obstacles. So did I, and therefore, when I started my studies I really appreciated the help I got from the student representatives. Accordingly, I would now like to return this favor and give others advice, so feel free to contact me anytime.

Tamara, studying BA English and American Studies

Hi, there 🙂 My name is Tamara and I’m studying English and American Studies at the University of Vienna. I come from Serbia, so I can also offer you information in Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian. Since I’m half way through my BA degree, I would like to offer my support and advice to all of you who are considering studying at our department or have already started. If you don’t feel informed enough and need explaining or organizing your schedule, feel free to ask! 🙂

Franziska, studying BA English and American Studies and UF English

My name Franziska and I’m in the 8th semester of my studies. I’m currently doing the BA English and American Studies (almost finished), UF (alt) English and Chemistry and Communication Studies. I’m a firm believer in democracy and very Ireland-affine. Besides studying, I enjoy playing in a band and making music in general. I think one of the best services at the University of Vienna is the ‘Psychologische Studierendenberatung’ which I would hope more people knew about. To me, the STV is a student-centered organization, securing effective communication with the department staff.

WHEN: May 16-18


TUES, 16.5. 2017: 10:00– 18:00 Uhr
WED, 17.5. 2017: 10:00 –20:00 Uhr
THU, 18.5. 2017: 9:00 –15:00 Uhr


lnst. für Anglistik und Amerikanistik,

Studentenaufenthaltsraum (Student Lounge) 1.Stock,
Universitätscampus AAKH, Hof 8,
Spitalgasse 2 / Alserstr 4, 1090 Wien

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