Irish Studies Summer School 10–14 July 2017 – now with ECTS credits!

The department offers something brand-new this summer:

                                       The Vienna Irish Studies & Cultural Theory Summer School 2017

The Irish Carnivalesque
An ECTS-accredited week of lectures and seminars at the Vienna Centre for Irish Studies, dedicated to the theme of the Carnivalesque in Irish studies. The theme allows us to consider literary and cultural production in an Irish context from a number of overlapping theoretical perspectives and traditions emerging from the work of Mikhail Bakhtin, including
  •  the Carnivalesque, Menippean Satire, & the comic tradition of the burlesque
  • the grotesque body, including the cultural studies of food, alcohol & cannibalism
  • the Feast of Fools, the Land of Cockayne, & the Land of the Chronotope
  • Julia Kristeva’s theory of Abjection
  • the dialogic novel/the dialogic self
  • theories of ritual
  • the literalisation of the figural, and the figuralisation of the literal
  • the spectral, the revenant, death-in-life, living in a time out of joint
  • polyglossia & heteroglossia
In a series of lectures and seminars with renowned Irish studies and theory scholars, students will get a firm grounding in these theoretical concepts and their application to Irish texts and historical-cultural contexts – from the Juvenalian satire of Jonathan Swift to the hoaxes of nineteenth-century journal culture, from the non-linear story telling and fragmentation of Irish modernism (James Joyce, Flann O’Brien, Samuel Beckett), to the dialogic novels of John Banville and the recurrence of the grotesque in contemporary Irish Drama. The Summer School will be accredited according to the ECTS system.
Confirmed speakers include: Ruben Borg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Paul Fagan (Salzburg University/University of Vienna), Dieter Fuchs (University of Vienna), Meltem Gurle (Duisburg-Essen University), Sarah Herbe (Salzburg University), Christopher Herzog (Salzburg University), Maebh Long (University of Waikato), Julia Lajta-Novak (King’s College London), Ondrej Pilny (Charles University, Prague), Tamara Radak (University of Vienna), Sarah Ritt (University of Vienna), Annalisa Volpone (University of Perugia), with more to be announced…
  • Venue: Department of English and American Studies, University of Vienna
  • Schedule: 10–14 July 2017
  • Fee: € 100 (students from the University of Vienna: free of charge)
  • Registration: email your name, affiliation, and a brief bionote/research profile to, registration deadline: 16 June 2017

(This  can also be found at the department homepage)

Apart from your inexhaustible love for Irish Literature, Culture and the work of Bakhtin, you might want to consider attending the summer school because of the 5 ECTS for your Alternative Erweiterung/Wahlfächer/ electives, you can get there! For attending you can get 2 ETCS, if you write a Porseminar-style paper (approx. 3.800 words in length), you can get 5 ETCS. In either case, please check back with Iris Vukovics (who, as you surely already know, is responsible for exam recognition at our department) beforehand. For anyone from abroad, this is the style sheet that you would need to use:


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