IES Language Buddy Program

My name is Meral Kölblinger and I coordinate the Language Buddy Program for an American study abroad program in Vienna, IES Abroad Vienna.I am currently looking for any fluent German speakers who are interested in being paired up with an American language buddy (American university student) to help each other practice the two languages. The only requirement is to meet them once a week! The purpose of this program is to not only practice English/German, but to get to know the other person’s culture.

The program would only last from September 2017 to Mid-December 2017, as the American university students will return to the U.S. then. If you can only start in October, that is okay too!

If you are interested or have friends who are interested, please send the answers to the questions below to The students will read your answers and will pick you based on what you write, so please be as detailed as you can!

Language Buddy Questions
1. What level German student would you be comfortable working with? (beginner, intermediate, advanced, doesn’t matter). Please note that 80% of our students are beginners, so your request for an intermediate or advanced student may not be possible).
2. Do you prefer a male or a female buddy, or does it not matter?
3. When are you available to start?
4. What are your interests and hobbies?
5. How old are you?
6. How should your buddy contact you? (email, text, etc.)
7. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?
Examples: special talents, favorite type of music, favorite vacation destination, favorite tv show, etc. In other words, here you can share anything random about yourself.

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