Auditions: the English EnChoir

Dear students,

Did you know the Anglistics department has a choir? A student choir? Organised by and for students? Well now you do!

We are the EnChoir, and we are looking for new members! We usually have at least one concert per semester, for the summer semester 2018 this concert will have the focus of “Film Music” – so you can imagine how cool our song selection is going to be!

Now ladies, as we already have a lot of female members, our options of adding more ladies are strongly dependent on how many men we have this semester – so if you are interested, there is still a chance, but the more men we have, the better. What does this mean? BRING US YOUR MEN! MEN, BRING YOURSELF!

There will be auditions held on February 28th and March, 6th at 20.00 at the Anglistics department, where you will be able to show us your voice. Don’t worry, this will not be a huge deal – just a person and a piano telling you to sing stuff (so no big preparation needed). No audience, no pressure, no creepy people hitting buzzers.

If you think, hey, I like singing and I don’t sound like a screeching harpy, and I have two hours every week (rehearsals take place at Anglistics department, from 20.00 until 21.45) to just go and sing, then please let us know via email (

We look forward to hearing from and meeting you!

Your EnChoir


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