Aussendung 02/2021

Yay, the semester break is finally here 🙂 Here are some reminders and information about the upcoming semester.

As always, if links don’t work, please copy and paste them.


  1. Registration Period
  2. VELT + ILSS1 registration
  3. PPOCS registration
  4. New members
  5. Hearings 
  6. Erasmus+ 2021/2022
  7. Summer semester 2021 teaching mode
  8. Auslaufendes Diplomstudium Lehramt: Registration for the diploma examination
  9. Lehren und Coachen im UniClub (BEd Englisch Wahlfach: 5 ECTS)
  10. Peer mentoring (Wahlfach: 3,5 ECTS)
  11. Follow us on Instagram


1.Registration Period

The registration period for all courses (except VOs) for the summer term 2021 will take place from Feb 18 (00:00) to Feb 25 (12:00). You can register by finding your course on u:find where a link will direct you to the registration form. For an overview of your courses, go to u:space. 

For VOs you can register any time during the semester up until one week before the first exam sitting. 

Please note that for VO exams you need to register even when you’ve already signed up for the course. Non-VO courses will require no additional sign up for their exam. You can de-register without getting a negative grade until March 31 (23:59).

You can find more information about the registration period (and late registration period) here:

2. VELT registration

The Vienna English Language Test is an obligatory standardized language test. It’s a prerequisite for Integrated Language and Study Skills 1 – the first language course in the BA and BEd programs. The next sitting will take place on February 23rd at C1 (Hörsaalzentrum Hof 2, Campus). The registration period for the next VELT sitting is from 26.01.2021, 00:00 to 16.02.2021, 23:59.

Keep in mind: The VELT-Test will take place in person!!

If you have not taken the VELT yet but want to take ILSS1 – don’t forget to sign up for it during the registration period!

3. PPOCS registration

If you are signing up for PPOCS, don’t forget that you have to sign up for the PPOCS lab as well. 

4. New members

As a lot of our current STV members will be graduating and moving on to more lucrative pastures, we are looking for fresh faces to join our team! 

If you are interested in helping students with organizational matters, planning exciting events, getting involved with the department’s societies, communicating with our staff and helping to improve student life around the Anglistik, please send us an email (

It doesn’t matter how far along you are in your program, though we do hope to keep you for a few semesters. Any programs are welcome to join!

We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

5. Hearings for new linguistics professors 

Are you interested in taking part in the process of selecting a new professor at our department?

Are you interested in Applied Linguistics and Contemporary English and would like to get to know some experts in those fields?

If you are, we would like to invite you to participate in a selection process for a new professor for applied linguistics of contemporary English.

For this, we need 10 to 15 students who would volunteer to participate in a two-day hearing process on the 1st (14:00-18:15) and 3rd (9:00-12:05) of March.

The proceedings are as follows:

There are two parts to the hearings: 

  1. the candidates will give an academic lecture (approx. 30 minutes) followed by a fifteen-minute discussion. Attendance for this part is voluntary. 
  2. Then, the candidates will teach a trial class (approx. 45 minutes) – WITH YOU, if you are interested. We would need your feedback on these interactive sessions to report back to the committee afterwards.

The hearings will take place online via Big Blue Button on Moodle. If you would like to participate and ideally are free to virtually attend on both days, please send as an email to register and telling us at what times you’ll join. This is a great opportunity to get an insight into university procedures.
 Sign up and be a part of this unique experience.

6. Erasmus+ 2021/2022

Do you want to study abroad? Apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship at one of our partner universities. (Application ends already on 21 February 2021)

7. Summer semester 2021

Classes during the Summer Term 2021 will be held online. However, please be aware that some lecture-exams as well as peer teaching sessions in the course ELT1 will take place on-site. Please pay attention to the information given by your lecturer.

8. Auslaufendes Diplomstudium Lehramt: Registration for the diploma examination

The registration for diploma exams is now done directly at the SSS of your first subject (your diploma thesis subject). Find more information on how it works here:

9. Lehren und Coachen im UniClub (BEd Englisch Wahlfach: 5 ECTS)

Als Lehramtsstudierende_r im Fach Englisch hast du die Möglichkeit, im UniClub eine Praxisphase von 50h zwischen Feb./März 2021 und Juni 2021 zu absolvieren und Jugendliche (zwischen 13 und 19 Jahren) mit Flucht- und Migrationserfahrung auf ihrem Weg zur Matura zu unterstützen.

Dabei sammelst du nicht nur Lehrerfahrung, sondern holst dir dafür auch noch 5 ECTS Punkte!

10. Peer mentoring (Wahlfach: 3,5 ECTS)

Become a peer mentor and earn ECTS credits for Alternative Erweiterungen (BA), Wahlfächer (M10 BEd) or Electives (MA).

“Peer mentoring” allows students to gain hands-on experience in leading mentoring groups. Advanced BA and BEd students will hold groups for first semester students introducing them to life at university. Master students will be able to coach small groups helping BA students with the writing process of their thesis.

Prior to your work as a mentor, you will be familiarized with some basic concepts, methods and tools of coaching/mentoring in an introductory workshop. In five supervision meetings you will discuss, share and reflect your experience, success and challenges as a mentor with your fellow students and a professional supervisor. Theoretical input on the fundamentals of mentoring and coaching will be provided. We will also look at the implications of digital/hybrid universities on group dynamics and coaching processes.

The class provides essential knowledge, tools and experience relevant for both working in educational settings as well as for careers in the business world.

Please be aware that the class already starts on February 26th. It will be held online.

11. Follow us on Instagram

Did you know that the STV has an Instagram account? No? Don’t worry, we still like you if you didn’t. In fact, we understand that, since we haven’t been very active lately. But this is going to change now. Thus, if you want to follow what’s happening at the department you can do that @stv_anglistik .

If you should have any further questions, you can always write us an email ( 🙂 

Enjoy your holidays and take care,

Your Student Representatives 

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