The department is offering two different types of coaching groups for(1) first semester STEOP students as well as (2) BA writing groups:

(1) BA and BEd Mentoring Groups

As you may have heard in the first session of your STEOP lectures a mentoring program for first semester students takes place starting in the second half of March.
What it’s about:- getting to know other people- getting ready for the STEOP- becoming familiar with the special situation of a digital/hybriduniversity due to Covid-19 restrictions- organizing your semester (timetable, courses …)- getting acquainted with tools of self- and stress-management- tips and tricks about life as a student

(2) BA writing
These groups are directed at students who are working on their BA thesis.
MA students will:- help you manage your writing project successfully: choosing a topic,planning, carrying out and finishing the thesis- familiarize you with tools to overcome impediments to the writingprocess (writer’s block, self doubt, lack of motivation etc.)- facilitate peer discussion and sharing their own experiences withwriting a BA thesis- assist students with education and career choices after finishing the BA.
Location: Online via Big Blue Button

Check for dates on Moodle
Enrolment into the Moodle course from now on: March 12 – March 19, 2021

Key for STEOP groups: [1].21s

Key for BA writing groups: coach.write.21s

Registration for coaching groups from”Choose your Coaching Group” Deregistration until 31 March 2021.
Please find additional information directly on Moodle.
We strongly encourage you to make use of the groups!

Links:——[1] http://coach.m


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