Lists of Ukraine Help Resources

Here are the two lists mentioned in our latest newsletter (03/2022):

How to help – Poland:

How to help – Ukraine:

How can you keep your support for Ukraine intersectional? Below you can find 12 fundraisers for important grassroot initiatives in Ukraine helping people with dissabilities, poor and homeless people, women in need, roma community, queer people, animal shelters to survive this war:

1/ Fight For Right Fundraiser [1] Campaign to raise money for people with disabilities: evacuation, shelter, emergency services, psychological support, etc. Follow twitter for updates: [2]

2/ DonorUA
Currently, blood banks in Ukraine are full, however, there’s a dire need for materials required for storing, transporting, and use of collected blood. See for more info and how to support here: [3]

3/ Happy Paw [4]
Happy Paw is a charitable foundation that helps more than 60 animal shelters throughout the territory of Ukraine. Information on how to support is available here: [5].

4/ Support for queer activists, neurodivergent people, and independent artists: [6]
Responding to urgent requests. Transportation and delivery of food supplies within Ukraine for queer, non-binary, and neurodivergent people. Raising funds for gasoline, food, medicine, all emergency expenses related to evacuation.

5/ ReSew [7]
ReSew is a Kyiv-based feminist sewing cooperative focusing on intersectional queer feminism, environmental activism, and economic justice. ReSew conducts workshops for the LGBTQI+ community and makes clothes accessible for trans* and non-binary people. Cooperative has been transformed into a shelter and responds to urgent needs of people within walking distance from the shelter and requests for food, water, and relocation.

6/ ZBOKU [8]
ZBOKU is a grassroots art and activist initiative dedicated to feminist and queer art, gender, and sexual resistance in culture. ZBOKU supports queer and trans* communities, researches and publishes creative works and interviews, and aims to “restore” and preserve the non-mainstream history of activism in Ukraine through its archive and library. The library has now been transformed into a bomb shelter. Most of the team remains in Kyiv and raises funds for urgent needs of trans*, non-binary and queer people and those in need who stay in Ukraine or are preparing for evacuation.

7/ Foundation EverybodyCan
Organization providing help to children with disabilities, affected by war: [9]
Payment details are here: [10]

8/ Woman for Woman
Woman for Woman is a project supporting women in crisis, survivors of abuse, domestic and sexual violence, and women without homes and employment. Here is more information: [11] (use Google to translate the page and find the button ‘support’). If the website is not working, see the project’s FB page, and donate here. The page with payment details can be laggy, but after several refreshings usually works, please try refreshing.

9/ Bilkis
Independent intersectional and inclusive feminist initiative Bilkis
based in Kharkiv: [12].
Raising funds for food and basic groceries, transportation of food and humanitarian aid from Poland/ Warsaw, transportation of women and mothers to their families, assistance in finding housing and shelter, providing humanitarian assistance to those who cannot leave. Need funding for transportation and fuel. Provision of medical care: we need funds for medicine, bandages, bonds. Women who wait in queues at the border crossing with Poland need basic necessities and food.
Payment details: Поповнення за реквізитами
Отримувач: Долгополова Дар’я
Андріївна IBAN: UA903220010000026208309454671
ІПН/ЄДРПОУ: 3638803064 Призначення платежу:
Поповнення рахунку

10/ Fundraiser Ukraine: Help Roma access humanitarian aid…/ukraine-help-roma-access… [13]

Raising funds to help access organizations providing humanitarian aid, including transportation, food, medications, accommodation, and sanitation kits; to help the Roma children, women, and elderly seeking relocation; and to provide housing and transport for displaced Roma
people who cannot access volunteer initiatives due to discrimination. The Roma in the regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, and Kharkiv are facing shortages of food and water, and your donations will help get basic groceries for people there.

11/ Youth for Peace [14]
International organization known for its work with the poor people. In Kyiv, our Community has been helping the poor since 1991: we supported the elderly, the homeless, people with disabilities, and orphans. We want to continue helping them. If you want to support Ukraine and its civilians, you can make a donation to our community. We will use all the proceeds to help the poor. Thank you!

Via Wise [15]
Makar Olha
Account: 5168 7573 6954 0333
IBAN: UA873052990000026203748567702
phone number +380977402587
Via Wise [16]
Makar Olha
Account: 5168742723178053
IBAN: UA893052990000026203764342291
phone number +380977402587
ПриватБанк 4149499118547445 Макар О.В.


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