About us

Welcome to the homepage of the student representatives of the English department at the University of Vienna!

We are a group of students here to make your life at the English department just a little easier. We offer advice, in person, per mail or per e-mail on all aspects of your studies at the English department, and once in a while we invite you to take a break from your studies and join us for an on-campus event! A lot of our work is also done ‘behind the scenes’, as it were, for example attending the regular appointments committee (to help pick a new lecturer we think will be just the right fit for our colleagues), representing your interests during study conferences, and keeping the staff updated on problems which may arise during the course of the semester. We are also actively involved in the CAG (Curricularen Arbeitsgruppen), the working committee responsible for the development of new curricula (e.g. the new BEd or MEd programmes).

We’re happy to answer all your questions regarding the English department itself, the curricula, deadlines, holidays, and whatever other questions may arise, so don’t hesitate to ask!

For some more information about us and our function as student representatives, please see here (only in German).

Meet the student representatives

Clemens, studying MA English Language and Linguistics

Hi there! My name is Clemens and I’m currently doing my Master’s in English Language and Linguistics here at the University of Vienna. To me, university is about so much more than just attending lectures and classes; it’s about the appreciation of knowledge as well as personal development. Yet when it comes to entering this new world it is normal to encounter various obstacles. So did I, and therefore, when I started my studies I really appreciated the help I got from the student representatives. Accordingly, I would now like to return this favor and give others advice, so feel free to contact me anytime.

Tamara, BA English and American Studies

Hi! 🙂 My name is Tamara and I come from Serbia, so I can also offer you information in Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian. I would like to offer my support and advice to all of you who are considering studying at our department or have already started. If you don’t feel informed enough and need explaining or organizing your schedule, feel free to ask! 🙂

Marina, BA English and American Studies & UF Englisch/Italian

Hi everyone! My name is Marina and I am in both the BA and the old teacher training program at this department. When I first started here, I was quite confused about so many things and felt pretty much completely lost. Fortunately, with the help of the student representatives, I managed to wrap my head around the organizational system fairly quickly and am now, in turn, able to help others. If you have any questions connected to the English department, come to our monthly breakfasts and don’t hesitate to write an e-mail or drop by during our office hours!

Elif, studying BA English and American Studies

Hi! 🙂  My name is Elif and I’m in the BA program at this department. If you have any questions concerning your studies don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail or drop by during my office hours. I can offer you help in English, German and Turkish. 🙂

Maneli, studying BA English and American Studies

Hi there 😊  My name’s Maneli and I’m in the BA program. I was quite confused at the beginning when I started at this department and it was a great relief when student representatives could help me with explanations and tips on my schedule. So please drop by during our office hours or write us an email whenever you feel the need. See you around!

Zuzana, studying MA Anglophone Literatures and Cultures

Hi! ☺ My name is Zuzana and I’m in the MA program Anglophone Literatures and Cultures. As a former newbie in the city and at the university, I am now happy to be a member of the mighty STV team. Whether you feel lost in the organizational matters or can’t find the Unterrichtsraum, we are here to help. I believe that university is so much more than attending the classes and studying on your own. So do come to our monthly breakfasts and meet your fellow students. Who knows, you’ll maybe find your future research partner.