What is the StEOP?

StEOP, or Studieneingangs – und Orientierungsphase are your introductory lectures that need to be completed for all undergraduate programmes. For our BA they consist of four lectures in all, for the BEd (teaching programme) there are only two. Please note that the BA and BEd programme do not share the same lectures! The StEOP serves to give a general overview and introduction into the topics you will encounter during the course of your studies. StEOP exams are very hard, so we encourage you to start studying early on and do all your reading.

Where can I find curricula and more information on that?

The English department’s homepage. Click on your degree programme on the right and you’ll find everything you need. Always scroll down to the very bottom of the pages, that’s where they’re hiding the curricula and study proposals.

Do I Need to register for StEOP classes?

Yep. You need to be registered via U:SPACE a week before the exam at the latest or you won’t be able to register for the exam, and you also can’t access the e-learning platform Moodle.

What about those StEOP Exams?

StEOP exams are part multiple choice and part regular tests that usually last the length of your normal lecture, dealing with every topic touched upon during class as well as your assigned readings. They take place about a month sooner than other lecture exams, meaning the first sitting is already in December/May while the first sitting of other lecture exams are in January/June, and the second StEOP sitting is in January while non-StEOP second sitting exams take place in February. Idea being that if you fail the StEOP exams at your first sitting, you can try again already in January without losing a semester.

How often can I sit a StEOP exam?

As of January 2016, you get four tries all in all like a regular lecture exam, meaning you can repeat a failed exam three times.

What happens if I fail the StEOP four times?

You will be barred from studying at the English department of Vienna University for two semesters. After this period, you are allowed to apply for the programme again.

What are my options if that happens?

Choose another degree programme, choose an English programme at another university, or wait it out for two semesters.

Can I take other classes in my first semester except StEOP?

If you’re looking for even more work (kudos to you, the StEOP will be hard enough!) you can also take other lecture classes of your degree programme. However, you won’t be able to take any exams before you passed your StEOP exams. For example, if you are lucky enough to pass StEOP at your first sitting (in December/May), you may be able to take other lecture exams at their first sitting in January. If you pass the StEOP in January, you may still be able to take other lecture exams in February if you register for them in time.

If you try to register via U-SPACE and your registration won’t go through, don’t worry, this is just the way the online system is set up (basically the system recognizes your lack of passed StEOP exams and refuses to let you register for anything else until your grades are online), you can still visit the lectures. We recommend talking to the respective lecturers about registering you manually for the Moodle platform so you can access the learning materials. Once you’ve passed the StEOP you can register properly and take the exam at the next available exam date.