Who has to take the supplementary Latin exam?

Anyone who did not have Latin as a subject after grade eight in secondary school (ten hours per week) has to take the exam. (If you had, for example, five years of Latin with three hours per week you had fifteen hours in total, which means you don’t have to do the exam.)

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When do I have to take the exam?

If you are in the Bachelor’s program (BA and BEd) you can take it at any point during your studies but it mustn’t (!) be the last grade recorded for your studies.

If you are in the Lehramt alt program, the Latin grade mustn´t be the last grade recorded for your 1st part (1. Abschnitt).

How do I register for the exam?

You can register for it just like for any other exam, i.e. on U:SPACE (or UNIVIS). It is important that when you register, the Studienplanpunkt says “Ergänzungsprüfung”. You will find it in “Altertumswissenschaften – Ergänzungsprüfungen“.

How do I study for the exam?

It depends on your preference. You don’t have to attend any course, if you don’t want to because the only requirement is to pass the exam. Hence, there are different ways how you can prepare for the exam:

  • You can take the course “Einführung in das Latein” offered by the University of Vienna (in German), at the Department of Classical Philology, which takes two semesters to complete and is free of charge.
  • There are external courses which you can take offered by various institutes. Intensive courses take about 4 weeks, but you have to pay for it.

(Please note that these are only suggestions, we are not being paid to promote these and we can’t judge the quality of these courses!)

  • You can look for private tutors on Facebook or other online communities, for example in our Facebook group: Anglistik Wien
  • If you prefer to be auto-didactic, you can buy books such as “Medias in Res” and study on your own.
What is the exam like?

The written test consists of a translation of a Latin text, while in the oral exam you may translate a shorter text and you will be asked about certain vocabulary or about a specific grammatical feature in the text. This very much depends on the lecturer whose exam you have registered for.

How can I connect with other people Taking the exam?

There is a Facebook group for Latin for people to share their experiences, questions and concerns.

What do I do ONCE I HAVE passed the exam?

The Latin examination is noted in your admission record (Studienblatt) with the phrase ‘Lateinergänzungsprüfung noch zu absolvieren’, which you have to get removed once you have passed the exam. In order to have the entry deleted, please take your student’s ID and your transcript of records (Sammelzeugnis; you will find a print option of U:SPACE) and go to the admission office (Zulassungsstelle) at the university’s main building.