Sprachassistenz im Ausland

Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung offers a programme for all students who want to gather teaching experience in a foreign country. An info event will take place on 3rd Dezember 2018, 09.45 Uhr at Hauptuniversität Wien, Seminarraum 8, Tiefparterre, Hauptgebäude, Stiege 9,  Hof 5. The registration period has already started and ends on 12th January 2019 – make sure you register on time for this adventure!

For more information follow the link: www.weltweitunterrichten.at/sprachassistenz






This Human World – International Human Rights Film Festival 29.11.-10.12.


International Human Rights Film Festival is Austria‘s first festival devoted to the subject of Human Rights and one of Vienna’s largest film festivals. this human world presents outstanding documentary and fictional feature films, short films, animations and experimental films dealing with human rights issues. Furthermore the festival program contains thematic lectures, workshops, talks, panel discussions, performances and a nightline. We consider cinema not only an artistic form wherein narrative experiences are performed or created, but also an opportunity for the audience to step out of their comfort zone and into dialogue with new challenging realities. Between 29.11. and 10.12. 90 films will be shown, more info can be found at: https://www.thishumanworld.com/


Workshop: Reading Out Loud with Impact – December 2, 2018

Ever dream of making an audio book, attending an open mic, reading your work on a radio show, or just feeling more confident sharing your writing, or reading someone else’s work out loud? Then this is the workshop for you!
There is something powerful about the feeling of being in front of a group of people, confidently leading them through your story, and keeping their attention until the final sentence.
A great story is certainly a factor but equally important is your delivery. Factors to consider are:

  • A good introduction sets the tone
  • Knowing your material
  • Breath support
  • Diction
  • Pacing
  • Annunciation
  • Emphasis
  • Varying sentence length
  • Rhythm
  • Posture
  • Staying relaxed

Instructor, Catrina Poor, will start the session with tips, things to think about, and demonstrations. Following, each student will have a few chances to read their work and receive feedback from Catrina and the group. Students will also have the chance to break into pairs and practice.

The workshop is limited to 8 participants to ensure multiple opportunities to read.

Bring a story you have written (fiction, non-fiction, memoir, personal essay). The length isn’t important, as you will read excerpts of your choice. If you aren’t a writer but want to improve your reading, feel free to bring a piece of your choice!

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Writers who want to participate in open mic sessions
  • Writers who are published and do book readings
  • Writers who wish to read their stories for radio shows
  • Writers who wish to create podcasts or audio books
  • Anyone who wants to improve their skills and confidence

Fee: €65

Free coffee and tea!


Flea Market selling books (28-30 Nov)

WHEN: 28., 29. und 30. Nov. 2018, jeweils 16-20 Uhr
WHERE: 1050 Wien, Schönbrunnerstraße 58 (Gassenlokal „Wiener Chic“)

Wir verkaufen:

  • Reichhaltige mehrsprachige Bibliothek (deutsch, englisch, französisch,
    italienisch) für Kinder und Erwachsene, für Sammler und Gastronomen.
  • Mehrsprachige Bücher, Spezialwörterbücher englisch und italienisch.
  • Schwerpunkt polnisch: Kunst, Geschichte, Philosophie, Politik, Kulinarik.
    Unterrichtsmaterialien für Eltern, die ihre Kinder in polnischer Sprache
    unterrichten wollen.
  • CDs – Klassik, Jazz, E-Musik.
  • Trinkgläser, Mugs, Glasvasen, Christbaumschmuck (teilweise alt), tropffreie
    Teelichthalter, Kinderspiele, Glasvasen, Blechdosen, russische Puppen,
    russisches bemaltes Holzgeschirr.
  • Schwerer Vorhang, Tischservietten, handgedrechselte Holzzwingen aus einer
    alten Handschuhmacherwerkstatt und vieles andere mehr.

Free spaces in the Brand Journalism workshop

When: Saturday & Sunday November 10 and 11, @2-5 pm


Dear Writers,

What is brand journalism? And why is it increasingly being utilized by the world’s most successful corporations? Learn the skills you need to become part of the future of branding.

Join professional copywriter and journalist, Matt Campelli for an exciting intensive weekend workshop.

Who should attend?

PR and media relations writers
Website and content producers
Directors of internal communications
Those new to corporate communications looking for ways to grow their career

Note this is a two-day workshop, attendance is required on both days.
Workshop Fee: €120

Limited to 12 participants

We don’t wish to exclude anyone for financial reasons, so we are reserving a few tickets at a reduced price. If you wish to be considered for one of these tickets, send an email to office.writenow@gmail.com and let us know.

Please register on our website! http://writenow.at/courses/workshops-2/copywriting/

Wishing everyone a lovey Sunday.

Kirsten Donaghey

October Breakfast


The spooky season is upon us. So cut two holes in your bed sheet and join us for some Halloween-themed fun and chatter and, most importantly, free food and coffee!

We, the STV, will also be there if you fancy a chat or have any questions.

Thursday Oct 25th
from 9 – 12.30
in front of the UR (ground floor)

Master Messe Wien


Are you approaching the end of your studies and you are interested in what the academic world still has to offer? Drop by at the Master Messe Wien where both home and international universities present their master programs and get to know more about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Date: 16 November 2018 from 9.00 to 16.00

Place: MGC Messe in Wien

Pay attention that there is a paid fee for attendance.

More information: https://www.master-and-more.at/master-messe-wien/aussteller-und-studiengaenge.html



Fulbright Austria (Austrian-American Educational Commission) lädt interessierte KandidatInnen zur Bewerbung um eine Teilnahme am FULBRIGHT FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIP PROGRAMM ein.

Das Programm richtet sich an österreichische LehrerInnen, StudentInnen und JungakademikerInnen, die ein akademisches Jahr an einer amerikanischen Hochschule als FremdsprachenassistentIn verbringen und Unterrichtserfahrung im Fach Deutsch als Fremdsprache sammeln möchten.
TeilnehmerInnen haben weiters die Möglichkeit, Lehrveranstaltungen an der Gastuniversität zu besuchen und die Einrichtungen der Universität für Forschungsarbeiten/Literaturstudien zu nutzen.

Bewerbungen werden ab dem 15. Oktober 2018 entgegengenommen. Die BEWERBUNGSFRIST FÜR DAS STUDIENJAHR 2019-20 ENDET AM 15. NOVEMBER 2018.

Die qualifiziertesten BewerberInnen werden Mitte Dezember zu einem Interview in Wien eingeladen. Wir weisen darauf hin, dass Kosten, die durch die Anreise zum Interview entstehen, nicht rückerstattet werden können.

Information session:
WHEN: Wednesday, October 17, 2018 @16:45-18:15
WHERE: Hörsaal C2, UniCampus Hof 2

Sollten Sie weiterführendes Informationsmaterial wünschen und/oder Fragen zum Programm haben, kontaktieren Sie bitte Dune Johnson DJohnson@fulbright.at oder besuchen Sie die Website www.fulbright.at.