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Dear students,
Amadeus International School Vienna is looking for a full-time student teacher who would be willing to teach a small group of students (probably only 2, ages 11-14) at beginners level Mondays – Fridays between 8:00 am – 3:30 pm for about 3-4 weeks in February and/or March. You will be teaching approximately 25-30 lessons (40 min. each) per week and are welcome to observe other EAL lessons whenever you are not teaching.
This is a great opportunity for ambitious, young student teachers with great expertise but little experience who would like to gain an insight into the international school / private education sector.
This paid opportunity may lead to full-time employment for the school year 2020-2021 and/or similar temporary teaching jobs in April-June.
native speaker or PPOCS 1 grade of at least 2 (“gut”)
– available every Mon-Fri, 8:00 – 3:30 pm
– experience/knowledge of teaching beginners (A1-A2+)
Please send your resume and a short motivation letter to our EAL Coordinator, Mr. Daniel Poetscher:
Personal interviews will take place in Vienna.
Fingers crossed!
Your student representaitves

IES Language Buddy Program


My name is Meral Kölblinger and I coordinate the Language Buddy Program for an American study abroad program in Vienna, IES Abroad Vienna.  We have over 200 American students studying with us each semester.

I am currently looking for any fluent German speakers who are interested in being paired up with an American language buddy (American university student) to help each other practice the two languages. 

The only requirement of the program is to meet your buddy once a week in order to have a conversation! The purpose of this program is to not only practice English/German, but to get to know the other person’s culture. I will also be organizing a few Language Buddy events throughout the semester so you can meet more of our students. Attendance is not mandatory, but encouraged.

The program would only last until mid-May 2020, as the students will return to the U.S. then.

If you are interested or have friends who are interested, please fill out the following form:

The students will read your answers and will pick you based on what you write, so please be as detailed as you can. I look forward to hearing from you!

IES Language Buddy Program Information

The only program requirement: Meet your buddy once a week until the middle of May, and (ideally) attend at least one of the Language Buddy events

How does it work?

Please note: Signing up doesn’t guarantee that you will get a language buddy.

  1. Fill out the Language Buddy Application Form (you will receive a confirmation email after you submit it).
  2. If an IES student chooses you, you will receive an email/text message from them; you will also receive an email from Meral confirming that you were chosen by a student as their buddy. Please respond to your buddy to set up your first meeting!
  3. If a student doesn’t choose you at all, you will receive an email from Meral informing you of this.

It’s up to you and your buddy to decide….

-WHERE to meet each week (recommendation for first meeting: a Viennese café!)

-WHEN to meet each week (same time, or decide spontaneously week to week)

-the DURATION of each meeting (typical duration: 1-2 hours)

-how to STRUCTURE your meetings

  • Decide how much time to devote to speaking each language (German and English) per meeting, e.g. 30 min German, 30 min English (if your buddy can speak German well)
  • Complete the Language Buddy Program “tasks/exercises” during your meetings (optional), or just have a conversation

January Breakfast

January Breakfast

It’s exam season and you are completely stressed out? Take a break to relax at the breakfast and fuel up by having some snacks and a hot drink.

The STV members are looking forward to seeing you there!

When: January 21st, 9:00-12:30
Where: Ground floor, in front of the Unterrichtsraum

Don’t forget: bring your own cup to breakfast and help the environment!
We couldn’t be happier that so many students join us every time. However, we’re also overwhelmed by the amount of trash that we produce at the end of each breakfast that we have. Therefore, it would be super cool if you could bring your own reusable coffee cups and bottles to the forthcoming breakfasts. 🙂
It would greatly contribute to reducing trash and help the environment. ♥
Thank you in advance!

Upcoming events: Theatre premiere and guest lecture

Dear students, we are happy to invite you to the following two events next week!


Prof. em. James Fitzmaurice (Northern Arizona University, USA/University of Sheffield, UK) is going to deliver a guest lecture titled

“Margaret Cavendish, Virginia Woolf, and the Language of Biography”

Date: 14 January 2020

Time: 2 pm s.t.

Location: Besprechungszimmer


Moreover, we are happy to announce two performances of


Margaret Cavendish’s The Unnatural Tragedy (1662), produced in collaboration with SASS Vienna by students in my course ‘Staging a Closet Play’ and directed by Tamara Paier

Dates: 17 January 2020 (premiere) + 18 January 2020 (dernière)

Time: 7 pm

Location: Campus, square 2.2, Hörsaal A


See you there!


Guest lecture_FITZMAURICE

The Unnatural Tragedy_Poster


The PPOCS tutors are organising an event “PPOCSplanation” for students this Friday to explain what PPOCS is about and help them decide which accent is right for them if they are still undecided.
PPOCSplanation – an event from students for students.
What is it? a first look at PPOCS and the lab, decision aid: Which accent is for you?
When is it? Fri, January 10th 2020, 6.15pm at Unterrichtsraum
If you would like an individual consultation to help you decide on an accent, please have a look at this text from Alice in Wonderland, which you can read to one of the tutors at the event.
We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Bilateraler Fremdsprachenassistenzaustausch 2020/2021

For any of you eager students who want to go and experience teaching abroad, the foreign language assistance exchange program offered by the Bundesministerium Bildungswissenschaft, Wissenschaft und Forschung would be something for you. Countries included are Belgium, France, Italy, Croatia, Ireland, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary and the UK.

So hurry up and register until January 12, 2020.

For more information:  Bundesministerium advert