Poznan – Adam Mickiewicz University

Reasons people went to this university/place

  • I read the information on all the partner universities very carefully and made a list of 6 universities that appealed to me the most. However, Poznań became my first choice because of the various course topics, student accommodation, support by the university, costs of living and travel possibilities. Plus, as I was never in Poland before, I thought it was quite an adventure 🙂

Recommended semester to go there

  • I stayed during the winter term. It was cold, but not as cold as I expected. I think in the spring semester there is a livelier atmosphere (as anywhere else). Both semesters have their advantages!

Before going there

Accommodation experiences

  • Student’s dormitory: I was very satisfied. The dorm has been renovated a few years ago and was comfortable. We had our own fridge in the room and a modern bathroom. However, it was a shared room. Some people had single rooms. In the dormitory we were like a family. However, I have heard that other dorms are not as good as “Zbyszko” and “Jagienka” (That’s what ours were called) but you get assigned to a dorm by chance.

Special items to pack

  • If you are in the dormitory – An Ethernet cable and adapter if you have a MacBook. The WiFi only works at the reception.If you stay during winter: warm clothes, no need for thin jackets. Winter boots.

How people who went there handled their finances

  • I opened a new bank account. It’s very straightforward and free of charge for exchange students, at least at polskibank.

University Information

Rough semester schedule

  • The semester starts in the first week of October. The first three weeks in February are the ‘exam period’ although many professors try to schedule the exams during January so the students have a semester break. Summer semester this year (2017) started at the 20th of February.

Holidays during the semester

  • Only the winter break from 21st Dec.-2nd Jan

Number of ECTS the university expected former exchange students to do

  • I had no requirements from UAM but had to do at least 15 ECTS according to the University of Vienna.

Course restrictions and when the university informed students about those

  • These courses were listed on the homepage of the English department. However, the Erasmus coordinator informed us about this in a separate email in the first week.

Did the university actually offer the classes students originally planned to do?

  • Yes

Recommended  courses/modules

  • I can recommend the proseminars. They are held in rather small groups and very interactive.

Exam period

  • In the first three weeks of February although professors often schedule the exams during January.

How exams look like

  • Almost no multiple choice questions. Apart from that, there were people who had oral exams, open questions, definitions, essay questions or no exam at all.

Other information

Recommended restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping centers, etc.

  • In Stary Browar you can find almost everything. There are a lot of shops and cafés. For coffee I would recommend Weranda.If you like burgers you should go to Fat Bob. But please try Polish food at least once. It’s good everywhere!

Recommended secret spots in the city/town

  • Park Citadela and Rusalka lake.

Recommended day trips

  • Leszno, Gniezno

Recommended places or events to meet new people/make new friends

  • Tandem pub hosts international events every week.

Public transport offered in the city/area of the University

  • There are Buses and Tramways. You can get a semester ticket with the so-called PEKA card. It is about 40 Euros.

Other recommendations

Go to places like Gdansk or Wroclaw during the weekend. Travelling is very cheap and students get a 50% discount on train tickets!

Take a Polish language class – it is worth trying!

After going out eat Zapiekanki. It is the most amazing fast food.

Is this University the right place for me?

You should spend your semester/year abroad at this university or place

  • if you like to get out of your comfort zone and go on an adventure
  • because there are so many possibilities to widen your horizons!

You should not spend your semester/year abroad at this university or place

  • if the thought that some people might not speak a word of English scares you or you hate the cold.

(all information provided is based on 1 questionnaire)