First Semester Survival Guide

Dear Freshies,

Starting your university career can be fun, exciting but also overwhelming. In school, your teachers and the administrative staff prepared your schedule, told you when assignments were due and reminded you to study for exams. Now, as university students, you will have to take care of all these things (and more!) yourself.

But fear not, for there is help out there! Perhaps you have friends and relatives who can give you some “freshmen advice”. Speaking of friends, let us introduce you to your new best friend who you can (and should) seek out whenever you are facing any kind of trouble: the INTERNET! It knows the answer to almost any question you might have. What do you have to do to get an answer? That’s right, you have to ask a question first!

Throughout your studies you will understand what “doing research” actually means, but this is what you should already know in advance: studying is all about asking questions and trying to find the answer.

For your convenience, we have created this Frequently Asked Questions site. Read it carefully. We get many emails with questions that could be answered within a few minutes, if only students took their time to read the many info sites.

Before we get started, make sure you bookmark the following links and, before asking anyone else, have a look at them.

#1: This is the department website section for enrolled students (a.k.a you). Follow the links on the left side. This will be your daily bread and butter!

#2: This is the course directory (current semester = WS2021/22).

#3: Here you find exam dates:

#4: Also, if you’re using facebook, make sure to like our page and enter the group we administer. Become a member asap to have the latest updates.
STV Anglistik & Amerikanistik
Anglistik Wien

If you study BA “English and American Studies”, please make sure you read this entire page and all the links provided:

If you study BEd “Lehramt”, please make sure you read this entire page and all the links provided:

In case you have any other question, let us know.

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