Exchange Uni Template

Reasons people went to this university /place

Recommended semester to go there

Before going there

Accommodation experiences

Special items to pack

How people who went there handled their finances

University Information

Rough semester schedule

Holidays during the semester

Number of ECTS the university expected former exchange students to do

Course restrictions and when the university informed students about those

Did the university actually offer the classes students originally planned to do?

Recommended  courses/modules

Exam period

How exams look like

Important deadlines

Other information

Recommended restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping centers ect.

Recommended secret spots in the city/town

Recommended day trips

Recommended places or events to meet new people / make new friends

Public transport offered in the city / area of the University

Other recommendations

Is this University the right place for me?

You should spend your semester/year abroad at this university or place

You should not spend your semester/year abroad at this university or place


(all information provided is based on 1 filled out questionnaire)