Writing workshops for proseminar papers offered in May

Dear colleagues,

writing you first proseminar paper and unsure of what will be expected of you? Then the writing workshops offered by our tutor Anahita Abrahamian might be just what you’ve been looking for! The workshops deal with academic writing and the scientific work process, and will prepare you for writing your first short academic work in English.

When: FR, May 13, 10:00-12:00 and FR, May 20 10:00-12:00

Where: TV room, English department library, 1st floor

For questions, please contact Anahita directly at anabrahamian@hotmail.com.

Coming Up: Guest Lecture: Séan Crosson will give a lecture on “Sport, Film and the 1916 Rising”

As part of an ongoing Irish studies lecture series, Séan Crosson will give a lecture on “‘In the place where young people gathered for sport, the seed of revolution spread’: Sport, Film and the 1916 Rising”.

When: April 28, 2016

Where: Lecture: 6:15 p.m., Unterrichtsraum, Department of English (ground floor)

Official Invitation (PDF)

Full Lecture Series Programme here (PDF)

Coming Up: Guest Lecture John McCourt “Elegising the Rising: Yeats and George William Russell alias AE”

As part of an ongoing lecture series, John McCourt will give a lecture on “Elegising the Rising: Yeats and George William Russell alias AE”. This lecture includes a film screening of The Rising (2016). The lecture and the screening take place in different venues. There will be food served, so the times may be moved slightly.

When: April 21, 2016


Lecture: 6:15 p.m., Unterrichtsraum, Department of English (ground floor)

Film Screening: 8 p.m., lecture hall C2 on Campus

Official Invitation (PDF)

Full Lecture Series Programme here (PDF)

Don’t Miss Tomorrow’s Guest Lecture, “The Life and Legacy of Pádraig Mac Piarais”!

Last call to check out tomorrow’s guest lecture! As part of the lecture series on representations of the Irish Easter Rising, Dr. Eamonn O’Ciardha is giving a lecture on “The Life and Legacy of Pádraig Mac Piarais, Revivalist, Revolutionary and 1916 Martyr”.

No registration required!

When and where: Thursday, April 14th, 6:15 pm, Unterrichtsraum at the English Department (ground floor, to the right)

Full invitation here (PDF)

Full Lecture Series Programme here (PDF)

STV Library Now Open!

Did you know you could borrow books from us? We’ve been doing inventory on our book collection and it is now in working order! You can borrow any book for up to two weeks (one week for StEOP relevant books) free of charge during office hours. Please leave your name, student ID number and e-mail with us.

Have a list (sorted by author):

Abrams and Harpham – A Glossary of Literary Terms, 10th Edition/International Edition

Agualusa, José Eduardo – The Book of Chameleons

Alcott, Louisa May – Little Women

Barnes, Julian – The Lemon Table

Barron’s Booknotes: The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire

Bausch et al. – Handbuch Fremdsprachenunterricht, 5. Auflage

Bernemann, Dirk – Ich hab die Unschuld kotzen sehen

Bloom, Judy – Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Bloom’s Reviews

  • Frankenstein
  • King Lear

Bradbury, Malcolm – Eating People is Wrong

Bradbury, Malcolm – The History Man

Brown, Charles Brockden – Ormond

Brown, Charles Brockden – Wieland and Memoirs of Carwin the Biloquist

Brown, Rita – Rubyfruit Jungle

Brown, William Wells – Clotel

Chandler, Raymond – Playback

Cliff’s Notes

  • To Kill a Mickingbird
  • Death of a Salesman
  • Heart of Darkness and Secret Sharer

Coats, Deborah – Cat Haiku

Cohen, Matt – Wooden Hunters

Crichton, Michael – Eaters of the Dead

Culler, Jonathan – Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction

Dahl, Roald – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Das Bundesgesetz über geisteswissenschaftliche und naturwissenschaftliche Studienrichtungen, 1.10.1990

Das Österreichische Hochschulrecht: Universitätsgesetz 2002 (dreimal vorhanden)

Das Österreichische Hochschulrecht: Universitätsstudiengesetz 1.8.1998

Das Österreichische Schulwörterbuch

Davies, Norman – Europe East and West

Davies, Robertson – High Spirits

Davies, Robertson –A Mixture of Frailties

De Paolo and Yaeger Dror (eds) – Sociophonetics

Defoe, Daniel – Robinson Crusoe

Dickens, Charles – David Copperfield

Dickens, Charles – The Christmas Books

Drew, David  (ed.) – Über Kurt Weill

Duden – Das Bedeutungswörterbuch

Duden – Das Fremdwörterbuch

Durchstarten in Latein im ersten Lernjahr

Durchstarten: English Übungsbuch Fünfte Klasse

Eco, Umberto – The Name of the Rose

Ellis and Barkhuizen – Analysing Learner Language

Ellis, Bret Easton – Less Than Zero

Expresswortschatz Karteikarten Latein

Fiske, Robert Hartwell – The Dictionary of Disagreeable English

Frayn, Michael – The Russian Interpreter

French, Nikki –The Red Room

Griffiths, Elly – The Janus Stone

Griffiths, Elly –The Crossing Places

Grillparzer, Franz – Das Goldene Vließ/Der Gastfreund/Die Argonauten/Medea

Hardy, Thomas – Tess of the D’Urbevilles

Hardy, Thomas – Under the Greenwood Tree

Hill, Susan – The Pure in Heart

Hill, Susan – The Risk of Darkness

Hornby, Nick – 31 Songs

Hunt, Samantha – The Invention of Everything

Impetus Latinus – Ergänzungskurs Latein Teil 1-3

Ionesco, Eugene – MacBett

Jackson, Shirley – The Haunting of Hill House

James, Henry – The Turn of the Screw

James, Henry – The Turn of the Screw and the Aspern Papers

James, P.T. – Death Comes to Pamberly

Jenkins, Jennifer – The World Englishes

Johnson, Keith – An Introduction to Foreign Language Learning and Teaching

Joyce, James – Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Kadereit, Michael – Grossbritannien

Karnigle, Rahel – The Student Newspaper Survival Guide

Kleines Handbuch Studium

Knopp, Guido – Hitler’s Children

Langenscheidts großes Schulwörterbuch Deutsch-Englisch

Langenscheidts Kurzgrammatik Latein 2x

Lecumberri and Maidment – English Transcription Course

Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim – Nathan der Weise

Lodge, David – Changing Places

London, Jack – The Sea Wolf

Luedtke, Luther (ed.) – Making America: The society and culture of the United States

MacLean, Charles – Home Before Dark

Making Love: The Picador Book of Erotic Verse

Marlowe, Christopher – Dr. Faustus

Mediam in Grammaticam – Grammatiküberblick Latein

Medias in Res – Übungsbuch 1&2

Melville, Herman – Redburn

Mewes, Horst – Einführung in das politische System der USA

Meyer, Michael – English and American Literatures

Meyer, Stephenie – New Moon

Meyer, Stephenie – Twilight

Miranda, Juan Peter – Kleine Einführung in die Geschichte Israels

Moore, Michael – Stupid White Man

Nünning, Vera und Ansgar – An Introduction to the Study of English and American Literature

Oxford Advanced Leaner’s Dictionary, 8th Edition

Oxford Collocations

Parrot – Grammar for English Language Teachers

Percy, Walker – Lancelot

Percy, Walker – Love in the Ruins

Percy, Walker – The Last Gentleman

Pickering and Hoeper (eds.). – Literature, 4th Edition

Pilkington, Doris – Rabbit Proof Fence

Poe, Edgar Allan – Selected Tales

Porter, Henry – A Spy’s Life

Porter, Henry – Remembrance Day

Porter, Katherine Anne – Ship of Fools

Roberts, Andrew – A History of the English Speaking Peoples since 1900

Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, 3rd Edition

Roth, Philip – Our Gang

Rowling, J.K. – Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Sauer – American English Pronunciation: A Drill Book

Schiller, Friedrich – Don Karlos

Schlink, Bernhard – Der Vorleser

Shakespear, William – King Lear (Penguin Edition)

Shakespeare, Willaim – Macbeth (Penguin Edition)

Shakespeare, William – Measure for Measure

Shelley, Mary – Frankenstein

Sherman, Alexie – The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Siepmann, Gallagher, Hannay, Mackenzie – Writing in English: A Guide for Advanced Learners

Signet Classics: The Awakening and Collected Stories of Kate Chopin

Sillitoe, Alan – Raw Material

Sillitoe, Alan – The Storyteller

Skaggs (ed.) – The American Short Story, Volume 1

Smith, Zadie – White Teeth

Stoker, Bram – Dracula


Studienpläne 2002: Positionen und Perspektiven der Reformdiskussion. Tagung der Universität Wien 20./21. 11. 1998

Swan – Practical English Usage, 3rd Edition

Swan and Bacon – Grammar Scam

Sweets – Anglo-Saxon Reader

Tan, Amy – The Kitchen God’s Wife

The Concise Oxford Dictionary, 9th Edition

The Hearth Anthology of American Literature

The Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture

The Longman Dictionary of Phrasal Words

The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

The Norton Anthology of English Literature

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary Exam Trainer

The Oxford Book of English Short Stories

The Oxford Introduction to English Language Studies:

  • Scovle – Psycholinguistics
  • Ellis – Second Language Acquisition
  • Yule – Pragmatics
  • McNamara – Language Testing
  • Swan – Grammar
  • Widdowson – Linguistics
  • Shendle – Historical Linguistics
  • Widdowson – Discourse Analysis
  • Cook – Applied Linguistics
  • Roach – Phonetics

The Oxford Writing Tutor

Trollope, Anthony – Barchester Towers

Trudgil and Hannah – International English, 4th Edition

Vidal, Gor – Empire

Vidal, Gor – Washington D.C.

Von Arnim, Achim – Der Tolle Invalide/Owen Tudor

Waldmann, Werner – Virginia Woolf

Waters, Sarah – Affinity

Waters, Sarah – Tipping the Velvet

Wedekind, Frank – Frühlings Erwachen

Wells, H.G. – The War of the Worlds

Welsh, Irvine – Marabou Stork Nightmares

Widdowson, Henry George – Defining Issues in English Language Teaching

Williams, Raymond – Drama from Ibsen to Brecht

Williams, Tennessee – A Streetcar Named Desire

Wintersun, Janet – Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit

Yule – The Study of Language, 3rd Edition

Yule – The Study of Language, 4th Edition

Zwischenbilanz: Eine Anthologie österreichischer Gegenwartsliteratur

Poll: One-on-One PPOCS 1 Extra Sessions

Dear colleagues,

we’re calling all those among us who are taking PPOCS 1 this semester! Sometimes, especially in larger groups, you may not get enough feedback from your instructor. To make sure you’re getting enough preparation for your exam, one of our tutors would like to offer you individual time that you can use for whatever you need help with need most. The idea is to offer one-on-one slots between 15-20 minutes each to help you with your exam text, or help you choose one if you haven’t already got one, or just with any aspect of PPOCS 1 you’d like more input with.

So would you like to attend extra sessions in which you can practice with a tutor and receive individual feedback? Drop us an answer below!

MA Level Writing and Literature Research Workshop: Plagiarism, Academic Register and Other Troublesome Beasts

Dear colleagues,

this semester we, your student reps, together with librarian Karin Lach (English and American Studies Library), are offering a writing workshop targeting specifically the subjects of plagiarism, academic writing and using sources. The aim of this workshop is guiding a group of up to 25 students through the basics of academic writing as practised in courses held at the English Department of Vienna University. It is completely free of charge for students of the English Department, and will be held in English.

We would like to especially invite MA students who have moved to Vienna University from other universities. As we have seen over the course of the last couple of semesters, academic writing practices vary greatly across institutions and national cultures, and we would like to give you as much help as possible to make your studies at Vienna university a success. While there are no explicit departmental standards of academic writing, we are able to draw on our experience of academic writing for courses, our understanding of expectations by academic teachers and the two departmental style sheets to enable you to understand the local context of academic writing.

While our workshop is targeted at MA level academic writing, we welcome applications by advanced BA students who have just started at Vienna University. Please understand that MA level students will have precedence.

There are three main topics that will be dealt with in the course of the workshop. The first will discuss plagiarism, our department’s rules concerning plagiarism, and strategies to avoid plagiarising someone’s work unintentionally. The next section concerns writing a shorter academic paper. Finally, we will go over the basics of academic research using the resources provided by the university and university libraries. There will be time left at the end for questions or discussions.

All topics will feature exercises to familiarise you with the contents. If possible, please bring your own laptop, as the research part of the course will be done mainly via computer.

The workshop will take place on April 22nd, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in the English and American Studies Library’s TV Room (in the library, first floor, on the left). Please bring ID and take a locker for any bags, jackets or coats before going to the room.

If there are more applications than places, additional workshops may be offered. Please indicate whether you would like to be put on a waiting list and be contacted when new workshops are offered.

You will be excused from class for the time of the workshop (see below).

How does the registration work?

You should register by Monday, April 18th. Please send an email to stv.anglistik@univie.ac.at

The e-mail should contain the following information:

  • your first and last name
  • your subject (BA or MA – MA students will be given priority)
  • your student number (Matrikelnummer)
  • if you have a laptop or tablet of your own
  • if you need to be excused from your class, please tell us the course and the name of your instructor, or e-mail this information directly to the Director of Studies Dr. Christiane Dalton-Puffer at christiane.dalton-puffer@univie.ac.at
  • whether you would like your name to go on a waiting list if there are no places left

You will be contacted to let you know whether your registration has been successful. Please let us know by April 18th.

Looking forward to your applications,

Alexandra Kleinrath and your student representatives team

Coming Up: First Brunch of the Semester!

Weather’s warming up, birds are singing, pollen are flying, and what are we doing? Lurching to class. The summer term is starting in earnest after the Easter break, so come on over and grab a bite and some caffeine! (You’ll need it. Just believe me. No, it’s fine, there’s no such thing as too much caffeine.)

When: April 12, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Where: Student Lounge, English Department, 1st floor

sprin breakfast 2016

Stay tuned and check our Facebook page for updates!

Poll: Writing workshop for beginning MA students and advanced BA students

Dear colleagues,

we’re calling all new and/or foreign MA students and advanced BA students! And we want to know a very simple thing: Would you like to attend a free writing workshop this semester dealing with plagiarism and how to avoid it, library and online research, and the basics of academic writing according to the standards of the English department? We have something in the making, but we want your opinions first. Drop us an answer below!