Welcome, and welcome back! Here’s everything you need to know for your winter semester!

Dear colleagues and those who will be,

welcome to a new semester at the English department! Because the start of a semester is always stressful (deadlines, fees, buying books, why in the world is the registration not working, did I really forget everything I learned last semester?!), especially for new students, we have compiled some useful information for you.

General Information

Please note this semester’s deadlines!
  • First Admission Online (applies only to students beginning their studies next summer semester): English, German
  • Admission Deadlines: English, German
  • Course registration: Phase 1: 16.9.2015 – 21.9.2015, Phase 2: 30.09.2015 – 4.10.2015
    • registration for lectures: as of September 16 until one week before the lecture exam
    • Final allocation for courses will take place October 8!
    • De-registration is possible until October 31!
    • If you are interested in swapping courses with a colleague, or if you hope to find a leftover slot, please check the dates here.
  • Holidays and Semester Break: English, German
And this Semester’s Opening hours!

Studienservicestelle Anglistik: Open: MO – FR 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. and MO – THU 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 pm., Tel.: +43 1 4277 45113, E-Mail: sss.anglistik@univie.ac.at

English and American Studies Library: open MO – FR 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you’re interested in a guided tour of our library, check out their website for options!

Hauptbibliothek/Main University Library: open MO – FR 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you’re interested in a guided tour of the main library, check their website for options!

for first semester Students

Freshers, please see our guide here: The First Semester Survival Guide. This contains essential information about the Wheres and Hows of the English department. You may also be interested in our FAQs section concerning studying at our department as well as the department itself. Additionally, there is a handy guide to be found here (PDF; German only). We’d also like to remind you that the student event UniLeben is still in full swing and that the English department itself is hosting an info session targeted at first semester students on October 2nd at C1 lecture hall. If you want to know all there is to know about your university and your department, now’s the time!

For Exchange Students

You might be interested in our Survival Guide and our FAQ section as well (see above)! Additionally, please note the holidays and semester breaks (English, German) as well as public holidays in Austria (English).

Goodbye UNIVIS, hello U:SPACE

The university is in the process of establishing the new U:SPACE system, the successor of the UNIVIS system. Until the new one is fully established students will be able to access both platforms. Both systems allow you to register for courses, lectures and exams, check on your grades, check the status of your tuition fee/students’ union fee payment, manage your personal data (e.g. your address) and so on. Both require you to log in with your assigned student ID number and your password. You do not need to register anew or change your password! If you experience any troubles registering for courses or exams, even though you fulfil all prerequisites,  please contact the Studien-Service-Stelle Anglistik.

This semester’s tutorials

A range of tutorials will be offered again this semester (esp. STEOP classes, as well as PPOCS and ILS), the starting times can be found in the course directory.

Our office hours: TBA

Unfortunately, we don’t have our regular office hours settled yet, seeing as we are all waiting to be sorted into this semester’s courses. We’ll let you know as soon as we can! Meanwhile, please contact us via e-mail (stv.anglistik@univie.ac.at) and join our Facebook groups for the latest updates:

STV Anglistik
Anglistik Wien

We’d also like to introduce you to our shiny new FB page STV Anglistik & Amerikanistik Univie!

Student events for this semester

Every now and then you maybe want to take a break from studying and paper writing and socialise with your fellow students. You can do that outside the university, of course, but what if we told you you could have a side of free food and coffee, or sing at the top of your lungs? Check out our events page, we regularly organise get-togethers, and the department also has its own choir!

We wish you a great start of your semester!

Your ‘umble servants,

the StuReps

Info Session for First Semester Students, Oct. 2, 3 pm – 5 pm

Calling all our new students! The English department is hosting an introduction to prepare you for your first semester. The sessions will deal with the structure of the curricula, where to find information and resources, everything you need to know about the supplementary examination in Latin, and of course you’ll be able to ask any other burning question concerning your studies!

Date, place and times:

October 2nd, C1 lecture hall (Campus Hof 2)

15:00 Intro BEd Lehramtsstudium Unterrichtsfach Englisch (BEd teaching programme)
16:00 Intro BA English and American Studies

No registration required, but be sure to be punctual!

Invitation to Literature Hearings, Oct. 16

Dear colleagues,

we’d like to invite you to join the hearings for the position of associate professor for Literature and Cultural Studies on October 16th. After a long process only three candidates for the position remain, and we as your student reps want to know which of those you’d like to be teaching you! While the final decision rests firmly on the vice-chancellorship, this is one of the few instances for you to be involved in what’s going on behind the scenes of the department.

So what’s the procedure? Come to the hearings, listen to the presentations of the candidates and tell the member of our team present which one you’d prefer. We will then forward your preference to the members of staff. With a bit of luck, at the end of the year, you might get your choice!

When: October 16, 2015, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Where: Institut für Anglistik, Uni-Campus, Spitalgasse 2-4, Hof 8.3, Unterrichtsraum

No registration required.

Presentations given:

13:00 Dr. Vike Plock: “Sartorial Connections: Why Fashion Mattered to Modernism”
14:30 Dr. Ursula Kluwick-Kälin: “Interdiscursive Relations: Infiltration as a Case Study”
16:00 Dr. Dieter Fuchs: “‘Myth Today’: Why Read James Joyce in the Twenty-First Century?”

Hope we’ll see some of you there!


Your student reps


Come Get Some Advice! Freshmen Advisory Week 2015 @ Foyer of C1

From September 23 to October 2 we, along with other faculties, will be part of freshmen counselling week!

Because we’d like to help you with your first steps into student life we especially encourage new students to come and hand us your questions. We offer you advice on courses, registration, everything to do in your first semester, and studying at the university of Vienna in general.

We’ll be there on…

Wednesday, Sep 23: 10:00 – 16:00

Thursday, Sep 24: 10:00 – 16:00

Friday, Sep 25: 10:00 – 14:00

Monday, Sep 28: 10:00 – 16:00

Tuesday, Sep 29: 14:00 – 20:00

Wednesday, Sep 30: 10:00 – 16:00

Thursday, Oct 1: 10:00 – 16:00

Friday, Oct 2: 10:00 – 14:00

Where: The foyer of the C1 lecture hall, Campus Hof 2.6 (Hörsaalzentrum)

If this is your first semester, drop on in! If you know someone who’s in their first semester, send them round!

Course Registration Opens Today!

This is your reminder that phase 1 of course registration starts today!

Phase 1: 16.9.2015 – 21.9.2015

Phase 2: 30.9.2015 – 4.10.2015

So log on to UNIVIS OR U:SPACE (both platforms are available at the moment) and drop your points!

If you run into inexplicable problems while registering, contact the Studienservicestelle at sss.anglistik@univie.ac.at

Quick reminder: UNIVIS and U:SPACE are the registration platforms of the university, with UNIVIS being the older model which will be gradually replaced by U:SPACE. Both platforms require you to use your student ID and your password to log in. You do not need a new password for U:SPACE, and you do not need to register anew!

UniLeben Oct. 1 – Oct. 2: An Event for Students New and Old!

On October 1 and 2 Vienna University offers a two day long welcome event! This might be especially interesting for all y’all new students. There will be guided tours to the main building and the library, as well as workshops for miscellaneous topics concerning student life.

Tours to the main building will be offered three times a day from Sep. 29 – Oct. 2, tours to the main library three times per day from Oct.1 – Oct. 2. A special tour dealing with Victorian academic discourse surrounding homosexuality at Vienna University will take place from Sep. 30 – Oct 2! Check this page for all tour dates and starting times!

Additionally to taking tours, you might be interested in partaking in a workshop! This year’s workshops include:

  • The University Library
  • U:SPACE – Info workshop: Get to know the new registration system!
  • U:account – What is u:account and how to use it
  • Study Smart – Tools for improved study skills

As well as workshops on:

  • Spanish
  • Germans as a Foreign Language
  • Arabic
  • Employment Law, Law of Tenancy, Insurance and Finances
  • Studying Internationally
  • Career Advice
  • Academic Writing
  • Time Management
  • and many more!

Note that you have to register for workshops and tours! If you find you can’t make it, please make sure to de-register again! Registration opens September 16!

To see all workshops, tours and info visit the official event page!

Registration for VELT starts today!

If you’d like to take the language test on Sep. 28, from now until Sep. 21 is your chance to sign up! Registration is possible via UNIVIS or USPACE.

There is no limit to how often you can take VELT, but we do recommend you complete it as soon as possible as it’s the prerequisite for taking Integrated Language and Study Skills 1. If you need any help preparing, check out the VELT Support Group on facebook!

Edit, Sep. 7, 13:30: We’ve received some notifications that registration isn’t working yet. It’s possible that VELT will not be listed online until evening or tomorrow. Not to fear, though, usually there is no limit of places, so please be patient and don’t worry, y’all get in alright! :D

Deadlines for the Winter Term

Yes, we still have more than a month to go until the semester starts (sing Glory, Hallelujah or an equivalent thereof), but there are some more or less rapidly approaching deadlines/dates you might want to know about:

Deadlines winter term 2015/16

August 28 – Written entrance exam for beginning Lehramt (teaching) students! Find more information about the exam and registration for it at the Student Point.

September 5End of general admission. If you are a first time student of a BA, BEd, MA or diploma program, or a student from outside of Austria, you need to be registered by this point! Please note that the 5th of September is a Saturday, so the deadline is actually September 4! Register in time if you haven’t already, processing might take a while! However, there is a list of exceptions to this deadline, please read it carefully.

September 6 – November 30 – End of admission for absolutely everyone! If you are not registered (i.e. paid your students’ union fee and/or your tuition fee) by then you can’t take any classes in the winter semester.

September 28VELT – The next sitting of the VELT test taking place at the Audi Max at the university main building. Registration for VELT is possible via UNIVIS from 7.9.2015 to 21.9.2015!

October 31 – This is the last day to apply for remission of the tuition fee!

Course registration at the English Department:

(We are aware that there has been some confusion about dates and times in the course catalogue recently, but we can promise you, by the time registration opens the catalogue will be 99.7% complete. According to administration ;) )

Phase 1: 16.9.2015 – 21.9.2015

Phase 2: 30.09.2015 – 4.10.2015 

Registration for lectures: as of September 16 until one week before the lecture exam

Final allocation will take place October 8, i.e. by then you’ll have your timetable!

De-registration is possible until October 31!

If you are interested in swapping courses with a colleague, or if you hope to find a leftover slot, please check the dates for this here.

New Curriculum MA Program English Language and Linguistics

Calling all linguists! There have been some changes in the curriculum for the master’s program English Language and Linguistics, especially concerning the first semester. It has been published, but is not yet posted on the department homepage, so we thought we’d let you know in advance.

The new Module 1 (M-01) now consists of the following:

VO Communication, Code and Culture, 5 ECTS, 2 SSt
AR Structural Analysis, 5 ECTS, 2 SSt
AR Research Methods in Linguistics, 5 ECTS, 2 SSt

The lectures VO Cultural Studies and VO Literatures in English are no longer required!

You can find the entire new curriculum as well as a course recommendation here (PDF file).