Coming up: English Dep. Breakfast, April 29

English Dep. Breakfast

Come and get free food!!!

April 29, 2015, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Take a well-earned break and have a bite! Our monthly feast offers you a pause from studying in order to socialize and mingle with your fellow students over a tasty bite or sip. The buffet consists of bread/roles, spreads, fruits/veggies, tea/coffee/juices, falafel, salty snacks and sweet pies/muffins.

WHERE/WHEN: Student Lounge (1st floor) at the English department, from 9 am to 1 pm.

(WHERE in case of fine weather: directly outside the English department)

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Poetry Slam + Workshop

Dear students,

together with the student representatives of Romance studies and Pedagogy (“IG Romanistik” and “Zentrumsvertretung Lehramt”) we have organized a free workshop on “Poetry Slam” and a complementing Slam performance – you are all invited to participate. This offer might be of special interest to future teachers as it gives you the opportunity to speak in front a large audience and to apply the concept of Poetry Slam in your own school lessons.

In December, there is going to be a Poetry Slam for the participants of the workshop, which offers you the possibility to perform your own text in front of an audience. Time and date will be announced as soon as possible.


Group 1: MO (weekly) from October 27th to December 1st, from 2 to 4 pm
Group 2: TU (weekly) from October 28th to December 2nd, from 4.30 to 6.30 pm
Group 3: WE (weekly) from October 29th to December 3rd, from 3.30 to 5.30 pm
There is a maximum of 10 person per group, hence we ask you only to register only if you can attend all dates.

Register via email to:
There is “first come, first serve”!

The following information is stringently required, otherwise your message cannot be considered:

In the subject line, in this order: matriculation number, field(s) of study, number of the group (only one!)
In the body: first name/last name, any comments you may haveYour data will be treated as confidential and deleted after the registration process is finished!

Registration is open from now on until Sunday, October 19th, 11.59 pm. You will be notified and provided further information by the workshop instructors until October 22nd, 11pm. If you do not receive a confirmation email by that date, you were not allocated a place.

The workshop is run by the members of “FOMP”, a project that organizes Slams in Vienna on a regular basis and who also slam on a professional level, and it is going to take place at the Department of English and American Studies.

Best regards,
the student representatives

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office hours (6 October 2014)

Dear students,

today’s office hours are extended and take place from 1 to 5 pm. Stop by if you need something!

Best regards,
the student representatives

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The Friendly Neighborhood University Survival Guide

Dear Freshies,

Starting your university career can be fun, exciting and also overwhelming. In school, your teachers and the administrative staff have prepared your schedule, told you when assignments were due and reminded you to prepare for exams. Now, as a university student, you will have to take care of all these things (and more!) yourself.

But fear not, for there is help out there! Perhaps you have friends and relatives who can give you some “freshmen advice”. Speaking of friends, let us introduce you to your new best friend who you can (and should) seek out whenever you are facing any kind of trouble: the INTERNETz! It knows the answer to nearly any question you might have. And what do you have to do to get an answer? That’s right, you have to ask a question first!

Throughout your studies you will understand what “doing research” actually means, but this is what you should already know in advance: studying is all about asking questions and trying to find the answer.

For your convenience, we have created this Frequently Asked Questions Site. Read it carefully. We get so many e-Mails with questions that could be answered within a few minutes, if only students took their time to read the many info sites.

Before we get started, make sure you bookmark the following links. Before asking anyone else, have a look at these.

#1: This is the department website section for enrolled students (a.k.a you). Read all the content of this page and links on the left side. This will be your daily bread and butter!

#2: This is the course directory (current semester = WS 2014/15):

#3: Here you find exam dates:

#4: Also, if you’re using Facebook, make sure you enter the groups we administer. Become a member asap to have the latest updates.
STV Anglistik
Anglistik Wien

If you study “English and American Studies”, please make sure you read this entire page and all the links provided:

If you study “Lehramt”, please make sure you read this entire page and all the links provided:

In case you have any other question, let us know.

Best regards,
your student representative

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And we are back!

Dear students,

after a few months of absence, we finally managed to get ourselves a new website – may the old one rest in pieces. Shortly, we will fill these pages with tons of information regarding anything you might be interested in or in need of. Please be patient, however, we will (as of July 9th) need at least another week to get everything done the way it was before.

If you have any questions, find mistakes or miss something that should be available here, feel free to email us at

We wish you a pleasant summer and much relaxation,

the student representatives

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