Reading: Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill (18th September 2017)

The Irish Studies Centre is pleased to announce that the Irish poet Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill will be reading from her works at the English Department (18th of September, 6. pm, at Unterrichtsraum). Her poems are originally written in the Irish language, but there will be an English translation provided as well.

Everyone welcome!

About the author:

Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest poets in Ireland, also reputed for her dedication and defence of the Irish language. Ní Dhomhnaill has published extensively and her works include poetry collections, children’s plays, screenplays, anthologies, articles, reviews and essays. In her writings, Ní Dhomhnaill focuses on the rich traditions and heritage of Ireland, and draws upon themes of ancient Irish folklore and mythology that intermingle with contemporary issues concerning femininity, sexuality and culture.



Call for Papers – aspeers “Alternative Americas”

=== General Call for Papers ===

For the general section of its eleventh issue, aspeers seeks outstanding
academic writing demonstrating the excellence of graduate scholarship,
the range of concerns scrutinized in the field of American studies, and
the diversity of perspectives employed. We thus explicitly invite
revised versions of term papers or chapters from theses written by
students of European Master (and equivalent) programs. For this section,
there are no topical limitations. Contributions should be up to 7,500
words (including abstract and list of works cited). The submission
deadline is October 15, 2017.

=== Topical Call for Papers on “Alternative Americas” ===

From ‘flyover country’ to ‘coastal liberals,’ from the ‘American
heartland’ to ‘urban elites’–the 2016 presidential election engendered
numerous debates about where the allegedly ‘real’ America lies. Beyond
displaying political divisiveness, each invocation stylizes a vision of
the United States that stands as an alternative to the presumed
political and cultural mainstream, each locates ‘real’ America in a
different place, and each constitutes an attempt at making alternative
voices heard–from Americans who feel un- or misrepresented by
politicians or neglected by the media, thus trying to reassert
themselves into the public sphere.

‘Alternative’ visions of America and of what it means to be American,
often cast as competing with or as polar opposites to a perceived
mainstream, loom large throughout US culture and history. Whether their
fault lines are drawn between rural and urban, conservative and
progressive, or young and old, at their core, they form interventions
into the status quo: voicing dissent, spotlighting difference and
otherness, making the invisible seen and representing the previously
unrepresented, criticizing assumed norms, or unearthing forgotten points
of view. Implicitly or explicitly, such alternative configurations also
highlight the constructedness of the ‘mainstream’ they position
themselves against.

For its eleventh issue, aspeers thus dedicates its topical section to
“Alternative Americas” and invites European graduate students to
critically and analytically explore American literature, (popular)
culture, society, history, and politics through the lens of alternative
visions of the US. We welcome papers from all fields, methodologies, and
approaches comprising American studies as well as inter- and
transdisciplinary submissions, ranging from economy and political
science to history, media studies, literary and cultural studies, and
beyond. Potential paper topics could cover (but are not limited to):

* Expressions of counterculture, specific subcultures, or other
counter-voices to what is considered (the political) mainstream (e.g.,
the hippie, Beat, Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party, or alt-right movements)

* Literary and filmic representations of alternatives, e.g., in fantasy
and science fiction, (post)apocalyptic narratives, utopias and
dystopias, alternate history, or conspiracy fictions

* Spotlights on the US beyond the mainland, towards its ‘alternate’
fringes–the border zones of the US with other countries, inter-American
relations, etc.

* Anti-normative and alternative social constructions, e.g., alternative
religions or family constellations

* Camp, queerness, and other concepts questioning the ‘norm’ or the

* Notions of fact and fiction in journalism and politics (e.g.,
‘alternative facts’ and fake news)

* Deconstructions/’revisions’ of traditional mainstream genres in
various media (music, literature, TV, etc.)

aspeers, the first and currently only graduate-level peer-reviewed
journal of European American studies, encourages fellow MA students from
all fields to reflect on the diverse meanings of “Alternative Americas.”
We welcome term papers, excerpts from theses, or papers specifically
written for the eleventh issue of aspeers by October 15, 2017. If you
are seeking to publish work beyond this topic, please refer to our
general Call for Papers. Please consult our submission guidelines and
find some additional tips at [1].




Ziel des ECs bzw. der drei UKs ist es, Studierenden Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten zu vermitteln, die es ihnen erlauben, sich aus sozialwissenschaftlicher Perspektive mit den gegenwärtigen Herausforderungen auseinanderzusetzen, die sich aus der immer engeren Wechselwirkung zwischen Wissenschaft, Technik und Gesellschaft ergeben.

You can find more information here.

PROSA – Offer for English trainers (German)

Liebe Studierende!

Manche von euch kennen PROSA – “Projekt Schule für alle” vielleicht schon. Wir sind eine selbstorganisierte Schule, in der Geflüchtete ab 15 Jahren in Basis- und Pflichtschulabschlusskursen. sozialarbeiterischer Betreuung, Buddyprojekten, Lernräumen und Co.  über  2 Jahre hin zum Pflichtschulabschluss begleitet werden. (

Wir sind stets auf der Suche nach motivierten solidarischen Menschen, die Teil dieses Projektes werden möchten und uns in unteschiedlichsten Formen unterstützen. Das heißt: Teamteacher_innen, Buddies, Menschen für die Öffentlichkeitsarbeiten, Lernraum-Unterstützer_innen und Co. Für alle Interessierte gibt es am 12.09. um 18:30 im Café Prosa (Ulmannstraße 45, 1150 Wien) einen Info-Abend. (

Außerdem suchen wir gerade dringend noch nach 2 Englisch-Trainer_innen. Konkret wären dies pro Trainer_in 2x 2 Stunden wöchentlich Unterricht. Super ist, wenn sich Personen finden, die Erfahrung im Unterrichten bzw. im Arbeiten mit und in Gruppen haben. Wichtig wäre auch, ein bisschen Erfahrung in der Arbeit mit unserer Zielgruppe zu haben. Zusätzlich gibt es als Angebot von unserer Seite die Möglichkeit, an einer eintägigen internen Schulung teilzunehmen, in denen ihrer konkrete Methoden aus der Basisbildung mit Erwachsenen kennenlernt, wichtige Inputs zum Unterrichten bekommt und wir uns auch mit der Reflexion der eigenen Unterrichtspraxis auseinandersetzen wollen. Außedem wird es dann einmal monatlich einen Trainer_innen-Stammtisch geben, in dem Raum für kontinuierlichen Austausch da ist. Das Semester beginnt schon bald (18.09)!

Falls dich das anspricht, meld dich sehr gerne rasch bei

Lieben Dank und vielleicht schon bis bald, Lisa

Mag.a Lisa Oberbichler BA
Trainerin und Administration | PROSA – Projekt Schule für Alle

Vielmehr für alle! Verein für Bildung, Wohnen und Teilhabe
ZVR-Nr. 057914724

Schulstandort: Brünnerstraße 72, 1210 Wien
Büro: Sparkassaplatz 3, 1150 Wien

MOMENT! 6th International Improv Festival Vienna 2017

Thu 28th of September till Tue 3rd of October 2017

Daily shows with the international Festival ensemble at 7.30 pm



TAG – Theater an der Gumpendorfer Straße in Vienna produces passionate and entertaining contemporary theatre with a special focus on improv theatre and hereby proudly announces the 6th INTERNATIONAL IMPROV FESTIVAL VIENNA, taking place form the 28th of September till the 3rd of October 2017.

MOMENT! IMPROV FESTIVAL’s international ensemble will perform daily shows at 7.30 pm. Each night a different set of players hits the stage and the audience can expect vivid performances unique in their matchless constellation of improv stars from all over the world alongside the TAG SPORT-VOR-ORT-ALLSTARS.

The Festival ensemble is excited to be creating incredible, unexpected and lasting MOMENTs for you!

Starring Mariadele Attanasio (IT), Joe Bill (US), Keng-Sam Chane Chick Té (RE), Omar Galván (AR), Inbal Lori (IL), Amber Nash (US), Mignon Remé (DE), Johanna Seiler (DE), Roland Trescher (DE), Goran Završnik (SI)

Hosted by Jim Libby

and the TAG Sport-vor-Ort-Allstars Jacob Banigan, Ursula Anna Baumgartner, Beatrix Brunschko, Charlotte derStern, Maria Magdalena Leeb, Clemens Matzka, Susanne Pöchacker, Michael Smulik, Georg Schubert, Helmut Schuster, Kathy Tanner, Katrin Weber, Barbara Willensdorfer, Markus Zett, Anita Zieher and others


DAILY Impro-Shows at 7.30 pm

Tickets: 13,00 € per night (no discount)

Get your tickets here:, 01/586 52 22 or

IMPROV WORKHOPS hosted by the international improv stars for advanced improv players: € 55,00 / € 85,00

Info & dates:


IES Language Buddy Program

My name is Meral Kölblinger and I coordinate the Language Buddy Program for an American study abroad program in Vienna, IES Abroad Vienna.I am currently looking for any fluent German speakers who are interested in being paired up with an American language buddy (American university student) to help each other practice the two languages. The only requirement is to meet them once a week! The purpose of this program is to not only practice English/German, but to get to know the other person’s culture.

The program would only last from September 2017 to Mid-December 2017, as the American university students will return to the U.S. then. If you can only start in October, that is okay too!

If you are interested or have friends who are interested, please send the answers to the questions below to The students will read your answers and will pick you based on what you write, so please be as detailed as you can!

Language Buddy Questions
1. What level German student would you be comfortable working with? (beginner, intermediate, advanced, doesn’t matter). Please note that 80% of our students are beginners, so your request for an intermediate or advanced student may not be possible).
2. Do you prefer a male or a female buddy, or does it not matter?
3. When are you available to start?
4. What are your interests and hobbies?
5. How old are you?
6. How should your buddy contact you? (email, text, etc.)
7. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?
Examples: special talents, favorite type of music, favorite vacation destination, favorite tv show, etc. In other words, here you can share anything random about yourself.

Offer for translators

Dear students,

For the Annual General Meeting of the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV), which takes place on September 22nd (all day), 23rd (all day) and 24th (half day) in Hainburg, Austria, we are looking for two persons: one moderator and one person to take the minutes at the meeting.

We are looking for a person with

  • Excellent command of English, preferably a native speaker
  • Trustworthiness

We are all volunteers, but these jobs come with some compensation.

Please contact


The Vienna Center for Canadian Studies would like to cordially invite you to a book talk by our guest Prof. Sarah Casteel (Carleton University, Canada), guest professor at the Center for Canadian Studies.


Bridging the divide between Jewish and postcolonial studies, this talk
will consider how Holocaust memory has been reanimated by contemporary
Caribbean and African diaspora writers and artists. Black Holocaust
literature and art illuminate the global circulation of Holocaust memory
and challenge an understanding of the Holocaust as a European event
disconnected from colonial histories.

When and where:
June at 2 pm. The book launch will last for about one hour.


Sarah Phillips Casteel is Associate Professor of English at Carleton
University, where she is cross-appointed to the Institute of African
Studies and the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and
Culture, and where she co-founded the Centre for Transnational Cultural
Analysis. The recipient of a Polanyi Prize from the Government of
Ontario and a Horst Frenz Prize from the American Comparative Literature
Association, she is the author of _Second Arrivals: Landscape and
Belonging in Contemporary Writing of the Americas _(U of Virginia P,
2007) and the co-editor with Winfried Siemerling of _ Canada and Its
Americas: Transnational Navigations_ (McGill-Queen’s UP, 2010). Her most
recent book, Calypso Jews: Jewishness in the Caribbean Literary
Imagination (Columbia UP, 2016) has won a Canadian Jewish Literary