Tutorials and Study Groups

To make your studies a little easier, we’d like to point you to some extra help.


Tutorials are extra sessions that revise material discussed in a particular lecture. They usually consist of a smaller group of people and allow for more questions. You can contact the tutors at any time during the semester. No registration required! Times and dates vary each semester, your tutors will give you more information.

Tutorials are offered for:

BA: Language Analysis, Introduction to the Study of Language 1 (ISL 1), Introduction to the Study of Literature, Introduction to Anglophone Cultures and Societies, History of English

BEd: Introduction to English Linguistics, Introduction to the Study of Literature and Culture, Grammar in Use (GiU)

You can find the starting times for this semester’s tutorials in the course directory under the respective lecture. Note that there are different tutorials for our BA and BEd programmes.

Study Groups

When in doubt, e-mail the STV.

ISL 2 Study Group

PPOCS1 AE and BE Study Groups announced on moodle.

All info subject to change!


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